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We are ramen shop the name [Tsuruichiya] who is local ramen restaurant in Yokohama iekei style.
Please come and enjoy yokohama iekei style ramen.

We open 24h 365days.

We open 24hour 365days. You can enjoy anytime. also we prepair an English, Chinese, korean menu.(now in proceed.) you can choose the menu you like to.

YOKOHAMA IEKEI style ramen

Yokohama Iekei style ramen is a Ramen which is Tonkotsu pork thick white soup, kaeshi is shoyu soy base flavor, spinach, onion,chashu and 3Nori sea weeds in Yokohama local ramen. for the first touch with spoon Attach your tongue!!  Taste is very strong , salty, ours is creamy. 
You are not yet for first time,
You will confirm very good taste for 2nd time. 
You can't escape for 3times.

5min from JR YOKOHAMA STATION. [North East Exit]

just 5minuits walk from JR YOKOHAMA STATION.
1-7-34Tsuruya-cho, Kanagawa-ku,Yokohama